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♥ Wednesday, September 19, 2012 ♥

♥ Nightmare before.... ♥

Have you ever wonder why you are living a lousy life?  Or ever think that you life sucks?  Sometimes when things don't seems to be going smooth for me in life, i will always tend to wonder and think why my life sucks and why am i having such a hard life.  Did i do something wrong in my previous life or it's my  八字down on luck etc?

I can't seems to remember since when or how long have been wondering or having such thoughts nor how long have i been using my tears to comfort me when i feel terribly down.  Why can't my life be free from worries about money, academic results, job, food/shelter etc?  Why can't my life be like others have a good prospect & stable job with good income, able to pay for material things i like, go on vacation at least once every year etc?

Why can't i get good returns even no matter how much hard work i have put in?  There are times i question is/are there really GOD out there or it's just another made up bullshit trying to get people to stay focus?  If there is/are really GOD out there why isn't him or her giving any help to me?  Or is it because I'm not worthy to ask for any of his or her help?   There is a saying " GOD will help those who help themselves" but ain't i helping myself by staying alive and crossing every obstacles and hurdles in my path till now?

I'm really so sick and tired, when will my luck and life change for the better?  When will see light in the dark?  I have so many whens and whys that i will would to have answers for them.  Will my life be always so down and sucky?  I know if i think that I'm having a lousy, there are others worst than me but i just can't help not to think about my problems and be grateful for what i have even thou i have so much problems to face.  There are just too much burden and problems for me to handle.

Stress and worries are my best friends.  Honestly speaking i don't have much friends or people that i can really pour my heart out.  I always think and feels that even i do share my problems with them, what can they do to help me?  Or maybe i am just adding stress on them?  Blogging seems to be my only way to ease and rant all my unhappiness.  Here, i don't have to care and be bothered about anything i blog cause it's my blog.  People don't like to read about my problem it's not my concern.

Lastly, a music video to share as usual.  Hope i will really found love, money and luck that i have been yearning for so long.


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
9:30 PM

♥ Wednesday, August 15, 2012 ♥

♥ Sweet Tooth II.... ♥

It's been awhile since i blogged my last post.  Alot of things had happen during the past few months.  Things are not going smooth for me but it's falling back into place very slowly as i blog.  Don't wish to share or expose too much here in my blog but will try to update as much as i could.  I miss blogging.

Recurrently, sleep hasn't been good.  Keep waking up in the middle of night and can't seems to fall back to sleep again easily.  Have been having backaches, spam shoulders and pain in the neck for the past don't know how many months now.  And the muscle cream etc doesn't seems to work well on me.

Have been having lots of cravings lately like steamboat buffet (which is one of my all time favourite), sashimis, durians, crabs and sweet and sour food stuff.  Cupcakes is one of it.  I realise cupcakes ain't cheap as compare to years ago.  It simply can cost up $3.50 for a cute fondant cupcake at bakery shops like icing room etc.

It seems like more and more people are taking up baking classes, learning how to bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tartlets etc nowadays and these baking classes ain't cheap too.  A simply 2-3 hrs fondant cupcakes hands-on class ranges from $108-$120 per person.  If i have known earlier baking is such a hit i would have taken baking classes long ago.

Did a seach online, sourcing for some baking classes and found these place conducts them and they are quite good and well recommended by others.  For those who are interested to pickup baking can check them out 1) Baking Studio 2) Phoon Huat 3) Bake-It-Yourself.  Some of the CCs do conduct baking classes too but you would have to be a member then you will entitle to discounts on the classes. 

As usual, leaving you guys a nice music video from two of the hottest singer of the decade JLo & Flo Rida.  Enjoy!!!


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
9:30 PM

♥ Monday, February 13, 2012 ♥

♥ Love is everywhere.... ♥

Updates, updates and more updates. Chinese New Year is over and I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for the pass 3 weeks or so. Managed to secure a job during the Chinese New Year period and had been working since then. It's my 3rd week in my new job now and everything is so far so good (thank god). The people here are generally very nice and warm including my ang mo big boss.

Was busy picking things up asap and learning more new things along the way. My main responsibility is the handle travel arrangements for the whole company including my ang mo big boss's too. Time flies pretty fast work when it's busy but it could also be pretty relaxing and slow at times too. I'm loving my new job pretty much. Oh by the way, my new company is a UK firm, our headquarter is in London and we have two offices one in Singapore and the other office is located in Amsterdam.

Didn't do any Valentines' Day shopping although tomorrow is Valentines' Day. As i wasn't working for more than half a month of January so i don't have any income thus Valentines' Day have to be delayed (too bad). I'm so looking forward to payday at the end of the month and i can go shopping then (LMFAO) not forgetting to save up for my HK/CAN/SZX trip in April (yes can't wait to travel).

As my new office is kind of far which is at Kandahar Street (somewhere near Arab Street) thus traveling time to and fro is almost 1 hour which means i have to leave home by 7.45am & reach home almost 7.30pm. By the time i finish my shower and dinner, it's already 8.30-9pm and i have to sleep early like 10pm in order to get well rested for work the next day. Sometimes by 9ish pm I'm already feeling sleepy (LOL i know I'm pig) and i don't feel like working on my lappy.

I need to readjust my night timings as so that i can blog regularly again. There are so many movies i would like to catch and friends that i would like to catch up with after work (cause most of them have plans for their weekends mostly). Well that basically sums up what had happen the past 3 weeks after Chinese New Year till now, I will be back to update more in the few nights to come.

I've just learned that Whitney Houston has pass away at the age of 48 this morning. She was one of my favourite singer from the 80s (I love her voice, so powerful). A music video by her that i love, cheers and enjoy.


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
9:56 PM

♥ Thursday, January 19, 2012 ♥

♥ Red Lanterns at night.... ♥

Mood hasn't been that well since i tender my resignation till now. I had been busy with job hunting everyday for the past 2 weeks and counting, surfing through JobStreet/JobsDB/Jobs Central etc for available openings. Went for a few interviews so far with a few big companies but still waiting for them to get back to me with good news. I know job hunting wasn't gonna be easy so i tell myself no matter how hard and how long it takes me, i will not give up!

Chinese New Year is just 3 days away from now and i have yet to really gear myself up to welcome the Year of The Dragon plus getting myself into the festive mood. Although, most of the time I'm preoccupied with job hunting but i did managed to find time to do alittle CNY shopping on my own and getting the new fiber optic internet up & running in the house plus upgrading my iPhone to IOS5 (jailbreak too).

Went Bugis Street for a quick walk and bought a few simple dresses for the CNY and it's also pretty suitable for work too. Bugis Street is one of my favorite place for shopping. It has everything there from shoes to makeup, male/females clothes, accessories etc. You can get a very nice and simple dress/top/bottom for as little as $10. I simply love shopping there and the fruit juices too (cheap and thirst quenching). Guess many singaporeans too love going there to shop as well besides me.

When i was younger, i usual goes to Far East Plaza to get clothes and stuff but now i will only go there to get shoes instead. The place used to pretty hip in fashion but i guess with the new big players like H&M and a few others flagship stores opening up, people are shift their attention to them instead. Although, the place is not as crowded like before, i still enjoying going there to shop for shoes (LOL) but for this Chinese New Year i bought a pair of heels from Charles & Keith (up to 50% sale going on).

The weather till now haven't been good, many people are falling sick every now and then, making my face condition getting worsen. Bought a new liquid foundation by L'oreal - White Perfect Pearl, a face primer by Cyber Colors - Zero Pore Primer (good buy from sasa @ $18 now) and a pore minimizing care by Za - Total Hydration Essence Pore Care (value for money now @ $9.90). That's all for shopping for the time being till i found myself a new job, i have been spending money and not having any income coming in lately (sigh). Hope after Chinese New Year i would have better luck in my job hunting.

Ok time for me to play a round of game on my iphone before heading to LaLa Land, as usual a nice music video from one of my favorite kpop group for your entertainment. Cheers and enjoy!!!


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
8:53 PM

♥ Saturday, December 31, 2011 ♥

♥ It Ani't The End... ♥

Gone the bad year 2011 and come the new year 2012, i wish all my family and friends all the best of luck in whatever they do and whatever they wish for in 2012 will come true. To all my followers on blogger and twitter, a very prosperous and better year in 2012. This will be my last post for the year 2011 and i will be back to post more in year 2012.

A few countdown parties that you might to take note of and head down to any of the places to have a great night out. One of the biggest countdown party will be at the Marine bay where there will be live broadcast of great music and firework display during midnight. You can also head down to Sentosa Siloso Beach Party with a groovy line up of DJs, non-stop music, pyrotechnics display and fringe entertainment.

Alternative, you can also head down to town where Radio deejays usher in 2012 with revellers at the Radio's Rockin Countdown event at Ngee Ann City's Civic Plaza. My favorite radio station 91.3fm is hosting the countdown party at Clarke Quay Central Fountain Square where they are counting down the hottest 100 hits of year 2011. I will be at Yishun in front of Khatib Mrt station counting down with my family and residents of Yishun with the MPs.

In another few hours time it will be 2012, i wish good luck will befall on me for job hunting and by Chinese New Year 23th January a new job is waiting for me. I will keep this post short & simple, see everyone next year. May 2012 hit everyone with a big bang. Cheers and enjoy the long weekend!!!


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
8:22 PM

♥ Thursday, December 29, 2011 ♥

♥ Season of hunting..... ♥

Sorry for not updating my blog for the past coming 2 weeks. Had been feeling rather depress lately and straggling to make the decision having to come to terms that it's time to start hunting for a new job. Having to resign wasn't a easy decision to make. It took me a long time to pluck up to courage to hand in the resignation letter and till now i still wonder did i do the right move or i should have just give it more time and wait?

The tough move came just 2 days before Christmas, almost broke down after tendering but a voice in me head keep telling me that i have to pull myself up soon as the hunting season is on it's way. Luck isn't something that i don't have it with me all the time thus job hunting for me is something quite hard at times but that will not keep me from sending out more resumes.

Thinking back, did i make the wrong move to join this company in the first place? It's been a few days since i tender and my bosses hasn't say or comment any about it. The worst part is, they didn't even bother to ask to see me and to advise me on whom I should hand over my duties to or who will be temporary taking over me when I'm gone.

Friends says maybe they have been waiting for me to resign myself all this while etc making me to think if it's the case or not. Am i really that unwelcome or unwanted in the company?? Why in the first place hire me then?? During my 5 months stay, i have been doing crapy task and non HR related work which is totally different from what i was told about my job scope during the interview and what i was promise on the very first day of work.

Oh well, since i have already decided to move on i shall not dwell further about the unhappy stuff. Belated Merry Christmas and boxing day!!! A music video on how i'm feeling the past 2 weeks or so. Cheers and enjoy!!!


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
8:39 PM

♥ Wednesday, December 14, 2011 ♥

♥ 10 days left... ♥

Ok it's 10 days more to Christmas and i have really yet to get all presents ready... argh god someone please come save me!! I can't decide what to buy for my mum, my aunt and HIM. All i gotten was a makeup palette for my cousin and a eyeshadow palette for myself (LMFAO). I really hate shopping for presents!!! I'm still short of presents.... WTF!!!

Mood hasn't been good lately, depression kinda sitting in and swallow me up entirely slowly. It's mid week but i'm still feeling the blues. This Christmas feels so cold and different, i don't know what's wrong thou. Have been having cramps for the past few days, maybe that's the reason for my lousy mood?? Any great tips or ideas how to chase those blues away?? Hopefully, my mood would change for the better before Christmas comes next weekend.

Was surfing for ideas as usual, hopping from one blogshop to another and toggle in between eBay and G market. Besides having a write up on Christmas ideas For Him by Urban and Diva, they too have a write up on Christmas ideas For Her too. Just like the ideas they suggested and recommends For Him, it's kinda over price for people like me with a budget to spend for a getting a normal Christmas present thou but still do feel like free to check them out http://www.divaasia.com/article/6489

I always think it's more easy to get presents for the ladies since there are items down from dresses, accessories, makeups to even spa treatments and lots more choices as compared to guys. But because there are so many choices it makes me so hard to decide what to get instead. With the instant growth and raising of deals websites like deals.com.sg, Plus! BigDeal, groupon and lots more gives people like me more choices to choose from.

Guys, what kind of budget do you usual set for getting HER the best or ideal present?? Or How much would you spend on getting her a present?? How do you chose the right gift for her every time for every occasion?? Have you ever gotten her presents that she don't or hard use at all?? How would you know what you got her is what she wants for present?? What ideas do you have to recommend??

I guess most guys will reply things like Blings, LV bags, Gucci Shoes, Prada wallets etc LOL. I know that what i would love to received as presents from HIM... LMFAO!! Anyway back to shopping online for me, cutting short on this post leaving you all a music video as usual at the end of all my posts. Cheers and enjoy!!! Keep up the festive season mood thou i'm not really feeling it that much this year. I Love Michael Buble!!!


Mistress of Darkness! The Mistress
9:41 PM